Know Us

 Medhavi SuperFoods is a premium health food brand passionate about recreating the lost craft of cold-pressed oils. For millennia, our medhavi ancestors knew how to retain the most nutrients and produce zero-cholesterol cooking oil using the traditional cold press methods and we're bringing their wisdom to modern times.


 Our mission is to educate people on the benefits of incorporating cold-pressed oils into their diets and to provide them with a quality product that is taste and nutrient-rich.


 We use only raw materials handpicked directly from small-scale farmers while still in their peak season and each batch is carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality, best flavour, and tantalising aroma. Our products are perfect for anyone looking for a healthier, more sustainable option than conventional oils.


 We believe in using cold pressing methods to extract oil. The process of cold pressing preserves the nutrients in the oil, resulting in a product that is richer in flavour and higher in antioxidants than oils that have been heat-treated and We also believe in keeping things simple - our oils are 100% pure & natural, with no added chemicals or preservatives. We're committed to providing the highest quality products possible and our products reflect that philosophy.